Resource Spotlight Monday - Exploring Country-Specific Resources and Case Studies

Gender Unit UNOCT
Gender Unit UNOCT • 6 May 2024
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Did you know that the library in the Gender and Identity Factors Platform (GIFP) hosts country-specific resources and case studies? 

Today, GIFP features country specific analysis and case studies.  Produced by researchers, academics and civil society organizations, these resources demonstrate how gender is relevant to understanding terrorism and violent extremism, as well as the development and implementation of their respective programmes and policies that seek to counter and prevent them.  

Over the coming weeks, GIFP will underline some of the key take-aways of country-specific resources. These include:  


Visit the links above from the Resource Library to read more! Please feel welcome to comment any thoughts or questions you might have.  

Remember you can explore additional human rights-based resources via GIFP’s Resource Library. The library is searchable by thematic area, key word, year of publication, type of resources. The search filters can be applied separately or in combination. All resources are publicly accessible!