Resource Spotlight Monday - The Resource Library hosts a multitude of thematic areas of focus!

Gender Unit UNOCT
Gender Unit UNOCT • 18 March 2024
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“Resource Spotlight Monday”: Today, the Gender and Identity Factors Platform (GIFP) features a collection of five resources that demonstrate the breadth of the Resource Library. Publicly accessible, the library contains a growing list of human rights-based resources. These demonstrate a wide range of researchers and academics, while outlining some of the key concepts critical to understanding gender dynamics within terrorism and violent extremism, as well as the programmes and policies that seek to counter and prevent them.  

Furthermore, the library spans a multitude of thematic areas of focus across the nexus of gender and counter-terrorism and preventing/countering violent extremism (CT/PCVE). Some of these thematic areas of focus are highlighted in the publications listed below, and include but are not limited to: behavioural science; civil society and community-based approaches; cybersecurity and new technologies; masculinities within CT/PCVE; and criminal justice responses, rehabilitation and reintegration. These resources include: 

Visit the links above from the Resource Library to read more!  

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