Gender Unit UNOCT • 1 December 2022
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Dear User,

Thank you for registering and welcome to the Gender and Identity Factors Platform – multi-faceted digital platform, which is aimed at furthering the development of good practices, generating new knowledge and fostering communities of practice in countering violent extremism and counter-terrorism with gender, intersectionality and human rights at the forefront of activities. This user-led platform will bring together United Nations Member States, UN entities, civil society organizations, practitioners and researchers.

The platform will include a library of human-rights based resources dedicated to gender and intersectionality in counter-terrorism and preventing and countering violent extremism (CT/PCVE).

Through communities of practice, the platform will offer a space to discuss new and emerging trends, as well as good practices and lessons learned with regards to gender and intersectionality in CT/PCVE.

It will also offer training opportunities, starting with a training for National Centers of Counter-terrorism.

The Gender and Identity Factors Platform (GIFP) is in the early stages of implementation.

You can already explore – our Resource Library, which can be found.

The interactive part of the platform will become operational in early 2023.

On 1 February 2023 we will post a survey for all users to identify the first communities of practice and the issues to be discussed within these. Please check back with us on 1 February.

We look forward in engaging with you in 2023!