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Moving the Gender Agenda or Stirring Chicken's Entrails? Where Next for Feminist Methodologies in Accounting?

The paper suggests that much research in the accounting is concerned with gender‐as‐a‐variable, rather t

Gender Analysis of Violent Extremism and the Impact of COVID-19 on Peace and Security in ASEAN: Evidence-Based Research for P...

This report features research commissioned by UN Women and conducted by the Monash Gender, Peace,

The Linkages Between Violent Misogyny and Violent Extremism and radicalization that Lead to Terrorism.

This policy brief is based on policy-focused research and interviews concerning the links between violent misogyny and violent extremism and radicalization that lead to t

Gender and Identity in Extremisms. Case Studies on the Role of Gender and Identity in Shaping Positive Alternatives to Extrem...

The International Civil Society Action Network (ICAN), with the support of Global Affairs Canada, has developed a set of “Case Studies on the Role of Gender and Identity in Shaping Positive Alterna

Misogynistic Terrorism: It Has Always Been Here.

Antisemitism racism, pro-life beliefs, and extreme Ch

Gender and Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism Policy Toolkit.

The policy toolkit will assist practitioners and policymakers in designing, implementing, moni

Masculinities and Violent Extremism.

This report emphasizes that although laudable, in practice the ‘gender mainstreaming’ of CVE h

Masculinities and Disengagement from Jihadi Networks: The Case of Indonesian Militant Islamists.

Men who join militant Islamist networks often frame their participation in masculine terms, as

Interview Series on the Impact of COVID-19 on Gender and CVE

This publication features the transcripts from a series of interviews with four experts in gende

Gender and Extremism in Ethiopia

The paper provides a gender analysis on the role of women in violent extremism in Ehtiopia, inclu